I am the co-owner, along with the patient and beautiful Mrs. Davidson, of a small business in Tucson, AZ (Neil Benton Arts & Entertainment) and have spent many years studying in the field of political philosophy individually, with a number of national organizations, and at the University of Arizona.

102010 Camera Download 2 185 - Version 3I maintain a number of online outlets for my personal use. These include The Yipeedog Blog here on this site, my twitter feed (@yipeedog), my Facebook page and others. When available, I highlight published writings on my Articles & Letters page, and recordings of presentations and interviews I have done on the Audio & Video page.*

My academic studies encompass political philosophy broadly, with a current specific focus on the institutions that govern small social orders such as families, villages and tribes. Under this particular line of research I have in development two papers (the first addressing property rights within households, and the second certain underlying assumptions of paternalism), as well as an economic case study of Hawley Lake (a small community in the White Mountains of Arizona). You can read more about my scholarly work on this website by looking at the Curriculum Vitae or Work In Progress pages.

I have a general interest in the application of principled philosophical and economic inquiry to practical political problems. If it’s true it should also be relevant, but often (in our polarized, sound-bite world) we find the understanding, patience, or effort lacking to find ways to acknowledge real problems and then bring ethically sound and outcomes-focused policies to bear. That is the kind of writing I hope to do and that I hope readers will find from me.

You can email me at davidsontaylorb <at> gmail <dot> com.

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* These sites include links and references to information I consider interesting or entertaining but are never endorsements. My own writing and speaking presented on these sites represent only my opinions, observations, or personal experiences.