Feds are crushing property owners

Published by the Arizona Daily Star, Letters To The Editor, 12/13/2009:

Ever wonder why most of those in Washington inexplicably seem to care little about our country’s record-setting deficits? Well, here’s a gem of a quote I came across that may speak to that: “The way to crush the (property owners) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation,” Vladimir Lenin, 1917. Isn’t this what the current proposals coming out of Congress are setting us up for?

Massive new government programs which can only be paid for with huge debt issues and printed money could, in my opinion and that of many economists, eventually cause significant devaluation of our money and necessitate suffocating tax increases.

In the end, that kind of crisis may just lead to the American people handing over the remaining shreds of our self-reliance to those in Washington to “take care” of us.

Whoever said our politicians don’t learn from history?

Taylor Davidson, Broker, Tucson

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