Criticism of nightclub checks is nonsense

Published by the Arizona Daily Star, Letters To The Editor, 09/18/2010:

Re: the Sept. 15 editorial “Nightclub checks don’t quite make security sense.”

Your editorial is just more pseudo-intellectual nonsense. In the case of dress codes, it is commonly held within the nightclub industry and backed up by the experiences of establishments across the country that strictly enforced dress codes improve the decorum of patrons and decrease the incidences of violence.

On the criminal records checks, this is a relatively non-invasive and innovative measure that may assist in avoiding attacks like the one recently at Pearl.

Unlike the Star, I applaud these owners for taking steps to provide a safe environment for their patrons.

Your article provides exactly zero answers while chastising those who are trying to find solutions to serious problems just because they don’t completely solve the problems.

To that I would say that a partial solution would have possibly saved one of those men’s lives (if not both) and their families would have appreciated those efforts far more than your criticisms of systems just because they are less than perfect.

Taylor Davidson, Licensed Broker, Tucson

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