Conscience and Property Rights

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property” – James Madison. When our govt has come to so blithely restrict and control our rights in real property and in the use of our time (in production and in leisure), is it any wonder that we spend more and more focus every year (on Left and Right) on government’s attempts to restrict and manage topics rightly handled by individual conscience?

If you don’t respect my prerogative to choose how I spend my time and money, why should I expect you to respect my prerogative over my beliefs and opinions. How many on the Left and Right can get behind the simple but profound idea in the history of nations instituted by men, that government, “shall make no law”?

How many of us can put aside our discomfort/unease/uncertainty and instead of supporting the VERSION of law we prefer, can simply and directly say I want NO law.

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