Killing Creativity

Ken Robinson (English author and expert on arts education) speaking on the underlying requirements for creativity during a recent TED Talk:


I heard a great story recently of a little girl who was in a drawing lesson…

She was 6 and she was in the back drawing and the teacher said this little girl hardly ever paid attention and in this drawing lesson she did.And the teacher was fascinated so she went over to her and she said, “What are you drawing?”

And the girl said, “I’m drawing a picture of God.”

And the teacher said, “But nobody knows what God looks like.”

And the girl said, “They will in a minute.”

(Pauuuuuuse for laughter)

… Kids will take a chance. If they don’t know, they’ll have a go… They’re not frightened of being wrong.

Now I don’t mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative but what we do know is, if you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original.


If you don’t understand how profound that idea is; don’t know how many of us are so terrified of being “wrong” we opt ourselves out of any original thought; don’t see how often our society mocks the experimenters, the dissenters, the questioners, the “heretics”, the entrepreneurs, the explorers… then I suggest you re-read this quote in your best British headmaster accent and try to grasp this concept.

OR even better you can check out the link below 🙂

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