Asking My Daughter A Loaded Question

Mentioned a story to a new-mom friend of mine and she said I should pass it on to all the (many) new-soontobe-dad friends in my life.

Sometime after informing my 14 yr old daughter Haily of our impending family addition, we were out having dinner at a favorite local Mexican restaurant. After receiving our food, I decided to toss a question to Miss Haily. I did not vet this question with my wife ahead of time… I like livin’ on the edge.

I asked my 8th grader daughter, very simply, “Talk to us about our parenting. Tell us the good, the bad, whatever. We’ll just sit here and listen. Open floor…”

What followed was… well first 15-20 secs of distrustful gazing and silence as she gauged if I really meant it… but after that about 30 minutes of touching, revealing, honest reflection on familial interaction, teaching, discipline, communication, leadership and more. Continue reading