Low-Hanging Entrepreneurial Fruit

I pay thousands each semester to go back to school (ugh!) but I would likely pay hundreds more to not have to deal with the University of Arizona’s registrar office anymore. The consistency of the dour service (I’m clearly always bothering them by coming to them regarding THEIR JOB) and the inexplicably arcane system leave me thinking there is a lucrative service opportunity for an enterprising young person.

An example of my most recent exchange with registrar staff:

Her: “You have to fill this form out again and have the professor re-sign because to switch discussion groups you have to switch lectures”

Me: “But there’s only one lecture.”

Her: “No, my system says there are two.”

Me: “Ma’am that may be, but there is literally only one lecture.”

(This ACTUALLY went back and forth a couple times before I got the following response) Continue reading

On The Question Of Scotch-ortunities

As I watched the reports this morning of another polar vortex bearing down on our friends and family to the east, images of the consequent blizzard of Facebook memes referencing snide remarks about Arizona and relatives in the Sunbelt popped to my mind.

Additionally, I thought of a story I recently related to my brother about a conversation about scotch I’d had with our father just after New Year’s.

My dad has become a dark rum enthusiast over the years after receiving a rather nice bottle some years ago from my Cayman-dwelling aunt & uncle. At the time I remember it being something of a mini-revelation, “There’s such a thing as GOOD rum?” I decided to contribute to his bar this year for Christmas and thus purchased for him a very nice bottle of pirate water. Continue reading