CPD Should Recognize Its Mistake And Let Gary Debate

The presidential campaign of Gov. Gary Johnson has officially accomplished something that hasn’t happened in 20 years: a third party candidacy achieved ballot access in all 50 states.

The Libertarian Party ticket of Johnson and Bill Weld (two, 2-term, Republican governors, from blue states) have support across the country, represent a distinctly different policy platform than the major party candidates (“fiscally responsible, socially inclusive”), and will be an option facing every voter on their election ballot this Fall.

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Does the GOP understand that HOW you win matters?

Robert Robb’s most recent article in the AZ Republic sums up a lot of my frustration over the past several months (The smart money’s on Gary Johnson, so why are donors sitting out?). My friends in GOP donor and pundit circles throw around the word “can’t” about the Johnson campaign constantly but then give no reasoning for it. The fact is, they are embarrassed to admit that it’s only their choice to withhold support and promotion of Johnson and Weld, that makes it possible that they won’t win.

Robb’s right… Those out there who talk a big limited government game are missing a huge opportunity. The willfulness of this failure should undermine trust that those talkers ever really believed what they were saying in the first place.

I came to believe a long time ago that the GOP (at the Federal level) carried the flag of principles in which they didn’t really believe… The era of Bush-Style Big Government put the final nail in for me… But for those who still clung to hope that the national GOP still represents a constitutional / limited government vision, what does the almost total silence of support from serious pundits and credible endorsers, and the tepid investment by donors, for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (two, 2-term, Republican governors, from blue states, with impeccable records of fiscal responsibility, and on the ballot in all 50 states) say to you?

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