AirBnB’s Corrosive Community Commitment

Just got an email from Airbnb regarding their new “Community Commitment”. It reads:

“You commit to treat everyone—regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.”

Now to be clear, this isn’t just about nice words, it has real teeth. If you don’t make this pledge, starting November 1st, you will be prohibited from either hosting or booking with the service.

I don’t know specifically where this is coming from, though anti-discrimination is of course perennially in the air. However, I am extremely sorry to see AirBnB either fall in with the one-size-fits-all crowd or feel it has been pushed to this action by dominating regulators and other pressure groups.

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Why “Yes” on Prop 205?

The reason to vote Yes on 205, is because the No Campaign has worked so diligently to turn this election into a referendum on the continuation of the drug war.

The same people who fought against medical marijuana passage, have repeatedly attempted to undermine the initiative since passage, and blocked legislative legalization of recreational marijuana at every turn, are now running one of the more dishonest campaigns I have ever seen (What Are Crafters Of Anti-Pot Ads Smoking?). Major funding ($500K) for which is coming from the maker of a demonstrably lethal opioid (Fentanyl Maker Donates Big…). A company who admitted in shareholder communications that they made the donation due to fear of competition from legal marijuana sales.

This coalition has fought safe marijuana legislation every step of the way. This group of individuals and organizations have known this was coming if the legislature did not take action. Major policy conferences have discussed the necessity of legislative action for the last decade in order to stave off ballot initiatives. The No Campaign coalition chose to reject cooperation with marijuana policy reformers and left them only one path forward.

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Fictional Russian Naval Officer Offers Some Perspective For Trump Supporters: “You’ve killed us!”

As more evidence comes out to confirm that Trump is exactly as awful as we all knew he was, Republicans who had attempted to remain faithful to the party are finally running for the lifeboats. These “unendorsements” unsurprisingly have triggered a classic Trump tantrum over the past two days, turning his Twitter account, communications team and supporter base against established and prospective Republican legislators vying for seats in November.

For instance, after Paul Ryan stated he would no longer campaign with Mr. Trump, Ben Shapiro notes:

That led Trump to tweet, “Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee.” Of course, Trump could spend more of his time on not being the worst Republican candidate in history rather than bashing the man he needs in order to pass his agenda. But that wouldn’t be Trumpian, would it? Trump Doesn’t Care Whether The GOP Keeps Congress

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Wayne Grudem’s Incomplete Retraction

Wayne Grudem has finally retracted his ill informed and ill advised endorsement of Donald Trump (Trump’s Moral Character and the Election). As he himself admits, he didn’t do his research, and that upon looking further it is clear that no one for whom character counts should support Trump’s candidacy.

However, I share this only because of how often it was shared with me, not as an endorsement of Grudem’s opinions.

While I am happy to see him retract his endorsement (including the extraordinary step of having Townhall remove the original article), this article and his thinking continue to be poorly researched, containing inexcusable gaps for someone who presumes to speak as a political pundit.

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How NOT Shocking

The only thing shocking about the new Trump video is how NOT shocking it is… Anyone who has given more than a passing glance to this election knows Trump is the worst kind of misogynistic bully and likely a rapist, who throws his money and fame around to avoid charges being filed.

We are supposed to train up our children in the ways we want them to be as adults… How can any parent of a daughter drive around with a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on their car? How can any parent of a son explain how to properly respect women on the one hand while explaining how they are voting for The Donald on the other.

There is an honest, principled politician who has executed every office he has held honorably and effectively, and he is on the ballot in all 50 states… Gary Johnson was a 2-term Republican governor in the blue state of New Mexico… If you can no longer stomach the 2016 Republican nominee I would encourage you to give him a look. Go beyond the couple of goofy sound bites and give him a real look. I would suggest starting with his speech at CPAC: