How NOT Shocking

The only thing shocking about the new Trump video is how NOT shocking it is… Anyone who has given more than a passing glance to this election knows Trump is the worst kind of misogynistic bully and likely a rapist, who throws his money and fame around to avoid charges being filed.

We are supposed to train up our children in the ways we want them to be as adults… How can any parent of a daughter drive around with a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on their car? How can any parent of a son explain how to properly respect women on the one hand while explaining how they are voting for The Donald on the other.

There is an honest, principled politician who has executed every office he has held honorably and effectively, and he is on the ballot in all 50 states… Gary Johnson was a 2-term Republican governor in the blue state of New Mexico… If you can no longer stomach the 2016 Republican nominee I would encourage you to give him a look. Go beyond the couple of goofy sound bites and give him a real look. I would suggest starting with his speech at CPAC:

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