The GOP is Ill

People ask why I left the Republican Party many years ago. The reasons weren’t small and nuanced, they were gross and indefensible. There is a rot there that is antithetical to traditional American conservatism, that is more about power and winning than making sure winning means something worthwhile.

Instead of beating on people who show some small measure of bravery to call out this darkness (like Senator Jeff FlakeGoldwater InstituteNational Review, etc), we need a lot more conservatives to start drawing a line in the sand against further encroachment into the GOP by individuals and coalitions that reject the classical liberal values on which the Republican Party was founded… Free people, free markets, liberty and justice for all.

Arpaio’s decades long run in Maricopa County is one symptom of the disease that the GOP has left untreated… let’s wise up and start taking the medicine that is needed:

“When we exposed this story, Arpaio attacked us. He didn’t demand his office get to the bottom of what happened and why no one was charged. He didn’t launch an internal investigation to make sure sex assaults were being investigated in accordance with standard FBI procedures. Nothing. We were the problem–you know, the left wingers at the Goldwater Institute.” ~ Starlee Coleman

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