Early Snow Flurries At NFL Games

The never ending diatribes against quiet, peaceful, kneeling by professional athletes strikes me as snowflakey in the extreme.

I find the same people who are quick to whip out a “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” quote, also are the first to lash out with an angry “Why don’t you get over it already!!” any time anyone tries to discuss unfortunate past crimes, horrors, and injustices of our American system, and how they might still be relevant today.

How about more people trade in their over-sensitivity to racial/minority issues in this country, for a curiosity about these issues, the possible reality of some level of problems and the importance of discernment in proposed policy solutions.

All this hand-wringing just puts the hand-wringers outside the substantive debate, loses them a seat at the table, and leaves policy in the hands of many people who signaled the proper intentions but whose desired remedies involve policies which have been proven to ossify harm to minority groups (e.g. laws and programs that are anti-private property, anti-school choice, anti-work incentives, anti-family, etc).

Maybe instead take this opportunity to try learning where substance exists in these protests, lean in and support that substance where it does exist, stay “in the room” with the protesters and help make things better.

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