Interview on KVOI 1030 AM, “Wake Up Tucson” 01/09/17

Deep dive into the structural differences being the selection of the chief executive in parliamentary vs presidential systems. Discussion touches on the ratio of high-performing liberal democracies to their adoption of parliamentary vs presidential structures, the differentiation between head of state and head of government, and the Constitutional history which lead to our form of presidential system including the purpose of the Electoral College.

Interview on KVOI, “DeSimone Daily Double”, 08/19/2016

Chris and I confer on the Best Carne Seca in Tucson, then we discuss the popular talking point that Trump is “just a jerk”, the coalition that he compiled in order to win the Republican nomination, the myth of the spoiler, the electoral opportunities and difficulties for the Libertarian Party, and the dangers of perfectionism in economics and national security.


Interview on KVOI, “Wake Up Tucson” 04/08/2014

Discussion of positive and negative rights and how they apply to healthcare, firearms, speech and other areas of life. Also includes conversations about the policy history of the healthcare and insurance industry, Constitutional interpretation and enforcement, and the role of education in informing the voting public.