Curriculum Vitae


The University of Arizona (Cum. GPA: 3.74, Major GPA: 4.00)
B.A. Economics (In Process)
B.A. Philosophy (In Process)

Relevant Coursework: Intro to Moral & Social Philosophy (PHIL 113); Mind, Matter & God (PHIL 160); Intro to Symbolic Logic (PHIL 202); Ethics & Economics of Wealth Creation (ECON 205 w/ Prof. Steve Wall); The Social Contract (PHIL 250 w/ Prof. John Thrasher); Philosophy of Freedom (PHIL 320A w/ Prof. Guido Pincione); Free Will (PHIL 320C w/ Prof. Michael McKenna); Medical Ethics (PHIL 321 w/ Prof. Chad VanSchoelandt); Ideal & Non-Ideal Theory (PHIL 499 w/ Prof. David Schmidtz)

The University of Phoenix (Cum. GPA: 3.46)
B.S. Business Management / Finance (Graduated 2006)


Neil Benton LLC dba Neil Benton Arts & Entertainment
Broker / Owner (2012-Current)

University of Arizona, Center for the Philosophy of Freedom
Program Manager, Outreach (2014-2016)

TRC Insurance LLC
Principle/Manager (2005-2012)


  • IHS Summer Symposium (July 11-14, 2014) – Property Rights & Market Structures Within The Family


  • CRW for Kevin Vallier (November 17, 2013) – Beyond Separation
  • CRW for John Tomasi and Matt Zwolinksi (September 26, 2013) – A Brief History of Libertarianism
  • IHS Summer Symposium (July 19-22, 2013)
  • CRW for Michael Huemer (November 3, 2012) – The Problem of Political Authority


Available On Request

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