This Idiot Takes On A Bigger Idiot About Who Libertarians Are

A friend asked me today if I could respond to Bill McMorris’ strange characterization of libertarians in a post at (Conservatives Will Embrace Libertarians When Libertarians Stop Embracing Government).

While my extended reply is posted below, I felt JD Tucille at summarized the heart of the issue in these paragraphs he posted this afternoon:

Could the courts ever decide to reinterpret the law in such a way as to force people (such as social conservatives) to do business with customers who give them the creepy crawlies (such as gays and lesbians)? Courts have creatively rewritten the law before, so it’s possible.

But then, why not protect everybody‘s liberty? Make it clear that the point is to shield freedom of association and freedom of conscience for all, in a way that would protect the right of gay-owned businesses to chase Bill McMorris out of their stores as it would protect his right to toss them out of his place of business. And certainly craft it to protect the right of all of us to turn politicians away. 

But SB 1062 backers have made it clear, from the beginning, that this is all about their dislike of one group. This isn’t about paring back government; it’s about using legislation to slap at gays and lesbians. 

His full article is here.

I, in short, feel Bill McMorris is pretty close to not having a clue what he is talking about.

I’ll start with a general point that it might be true (though becoming less so every day) that the majority of libertarians are diverted leftists. Continue reading