Scones, Happiness and School Choice

Recently, I’ve been struggling with blueberry scones.

I know scones aren’t everybody’s thing. As breakfast breads go many prefer the light flakiness of a croissant, or that creamy, sugar of a donut. In a pinch, there’s that old standby toast and a little butter… maybe some jelly too.

A scone however, is not everyone’s “cup of tea”.

First, it is a dense bread. It is not a light little snack, it can top even the heavy, boiled dough of many bagels for sheer wheat per square inch.

Second, it is a risky food. A scone can go dangerously wrong. A scone walks a fine line between wonderfully chewy and inedible, chalky nightmare.

This all leads to a consistent conclusion for those of us who consider ourselves fans of un-yeasted quick bread: When you find a scone you like, stick to it.

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